At the clunes store, wE'RE PROUDLY LOCAL.

We provide the Clunes community with the best fresh produce and artisan products, straight from local farmers and producers from Norco Milk to Bread Social Sourdough, newspapers, fresh flowers, local eggs, boutique beverages, organic dips and spreads, artisan cheeses and so much more.

SOme of the products we stock at the clunes Store

  • Bread Social Sourdough (delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)

  • Byron Bay Cheese Co

  • Byron Bay Kombucha

  • Cherry Tree Kitchen Bone Broth

  • Nimbin Valley Co rice


For the lovers of all things bulk and waste free, we introduced our bulk foods section in 2016. The bulk food section is filled with local, organic and spray-free options, nuts, seeds, flours, pastas, rices, dried fruit, lentils, pulses, muesli, oats, grains and chocolates.


Our little village is quite unique in that there's no street delivery within the whole of Clunes, so whether you like it or not (and we love it!), if you want your mail, you'll need to get it the old-fashioned way. We happily are home to an Australia Post licensed post office, with services such as bank transactions, billing and payments, post and parcel deliveries, P.O boxes and more.